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Consider this a system wide wipe over. This action will stop the Docker process, delete the Miner and log files and delete the Helium Miner software before downloading a fresh copy of the latest Miner software and starting the Docker process and Miner process up again.


Step 1

Click the "Reset Miner" option in the Diagnoser


Step 2

You will receive a warning message asking you to confirm you want to perform the reset. Click OK.


Step 3

You will be asked to enter I Agree and hit OK once more to start the reset.


Step 4

You will receive a confirmation message stating the Miner is resetting. During the reset, you may see your LED colors change to white, yellow, red, back to yellow, and then finally green. Click OK on the confirmation. If the reset is still taking place after clicking OK, you may see an error message on the page or the page may be blank/not load correctly. This is normal behavior.


Step 5

Wait 5 minutes, then access the Diagnoser again and click on the Miner option to check status. If prompted for the username and password, use the username bobcat and password miner.


You should see the Miner state as running and the Image should show a recent date.


If your hotspot's LED never goes back to green or the Miner status page shows errors or shows the Miner is not running properly, submit a ticket here

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