How to Get OTA Updates 

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OTA updates are automatic. Hotspots connected to the internet will receive OTA updates automatically. No manual intervention is needed. You do not need to open any ports.

You should, however, follow these steps when turning on your miner for the first time:

  1. Always connect your miner via Ethernet first, and allow for time to update before switching to WiFi connection.
  2. Allow the miner to remain on and connected for at least an hour before onboarding to the blockchain using the Bobber App. If the Helium Miner software in your hotspot is not running because it is processing an update, you will not be able to pair with the hotspot using Bluetooth until it is done.
  3. Check your firewall settings. OTA updates are pushed out to your hotspots via a Bobber server. If you are not receiving OTA updates, there may be a firewall setting blocking traffic from this server. To test, you can use a ping command from your computer to ping to test this. If you discover an issue blocking OTA traffic, consider moving your miner to the DMZ in your router's settings to allow traffic flow.
  4. Submit a ticket to us here if the Bobber Diagnoser is indicating you are not receiving the latest firmware.

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