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Access the Diagnoser in the Bobber App

A shortcut to the Bobber Diagnoser will be available within the hotspots tab. Simply select the stethoscope icon located to the left of the Hotspots Settings section (gear icon). NOTE: This will only work when your mobile device is on the same local network (connected to the same router) as your hotspot.

Additional diagnostic features (e.g., Reboot, Reset, etc.) can be found within the web dashboard widget on the app. These features can be launched from anywhere in the world and do not require users to be on the same LAN as the miner. Learn more by visiting this article.

Access the Diagnoser in a Browser

Ensure the miner is connected to the internet. Using the process shown below in "Retrieve Diagnoser IP from the Helium App via Bluetooth Pairing", find the local IP address of the miner. If unable to find the IP address using the Helium Hotspot app or Bobber App, check the Connected Devices page of the router which the miner is connected to in order to retrieve the local IP address. Enter the local IP address into the address bar of your web browser while on the same local network as the miner (connected to the same router as the miner) to load the Diagnoser page.


Retrieve Diagnoser IP from the Helium App via Bluetooth Pairing

Follow the screenshots below to find your miner's IP address using the Helium Hotspot app. The same procedure can be used via the Bobber App to find the miner's IP address.

Diagnoser Username and Password

There are a few Diagnoser features that will require you to input a username and password before the feature can be launched. Please use the following login (both are case sensitive):  

Username: bobcat
Password: miner 

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