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QR Code Scan Issue

During onboarding of the Bobber 500 gateway, you are required to scan the QR code on the sticker of the unit to input the serial number. The serial number cannot be typed in manually, as the system is designed to prevent any chance of entering the incorrect serial number.


Some phones are unable to focus the camera when taking pictures via a web browser and as such, cannot clearly see the QR code in order to scan it.


How to Resolve

The warranty certificate card has a larger QR code image which can be scanned in place of the QR code from the back of the unit.


If you are unable to scan the QR code from the warranty certificate or focus enough to scan the QR code, open your phone's camera app and take a well lit and focused picture of the QR code.


Send this picture to another device - a PC, laptop, or another phone. Enlarge the picture by zooming in until the QR code is large enough to scan. Switch back to the browser onboarding process, and scan the enlarged QR code.


If still unable to get a scannable picture of the code, a new QR code can be generated. Use a QR code generating app or website such as this one to generate a large code. 

Choose Text or Plain Text as the data type, and enter your Bobber 500 gateway's serial number exactly as shown on the sticker. The format will be similar to BC-2203-0300####. Capitalize BC and include the hyphens ( - ). 


NOTE: Be very sure the serial number you've entered matches exactly to the sticker on the gateway.


Leave the customization option as is. You can then either download the QR code image or scan it directly from the generator site or app if it was created using a different device than the one doing the onboarding.


Contacting Support

If still unable to scan the QR code and proceed with onboarding, contact support by submitting a ticket to the Bobber Official Help Desk. Fill in all required information especially the Bobber 500 gateway serial number, and verify the information is correct.

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