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The Diagnoser contains a Reboot feature to allow for gracefully rebooting the hotspot. Rebooting through the Diagnoser is always preferable to simply turning off and on power to the hotspot and should be used whenever possible.

Step 1

Click the Reboot button in the Diagnoser


Step 2

In the pop-up, click OK to reboot the hotspot


Step 3

You will see a message informing you that you will lose connection to the Diagnoser page. After clicking the OK button, you will simply see a "Rebooting hotspot" message. The lights on the hotspot will turn off and will likely display cyan briefly, red, yellow, then green again. Once the light is green again, you can refresh the page.



Step 4

Once the reboot is complete and you have refreshed the page, you will be back at the main Diagnoser menu



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