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In order to ensure the safety and security of our customer data, we utilize the original email address as another layer of confirming a customer's identity. Together with other order related information, this allows our customer support team to proceeed with requests such as address changes, frequency changes, tracking information, etc.

You can find your IP address by visiting

Your hotspot's mac1 address is located on the back of your miner.

There are 3 ways users can find this information (1) Bobcat Diagnoser; (2) Helium App; and (3) Hotspot Utility App.

To start Discovery Mode for your Hotspot, go to the Hotspot and tap the Settings icon.

Then tap Discovery Mode.

TIP: Make sure your Hotspot is not relayed. Hotspots that are relayed may not receive instructions from Router in a timely manner, preventing it from starting a session.